Why I Became a Consultant with Rodan + Fields

You’ve seen it take over your social media feeds, but what is this skincare craze that’s been hitting your timelines and discussion topics with friends heavily within the past few years?

Why would I ever think that I could start talking to my friends about their skin? After searching the Internet for “horror” stories of people getting ji, there just wasn’t enough out there from folks to convince me not to join this business after a year of being ‘courted’ by my friend, former co-worker, and now co-business launcher.

Many try to play off R+F like it’s another MLM “scheme” or “scam”. If everyone thought that starting a business was easy, please think again. Most businesses that are brick and mortar go under within two years of even starting because it is hard work. As a “storefront” business owner myself, I know how much work it takes to churn even the smallest of profits. Please don’t think that this is a “get rich quick” scheme, because it’s not. You have to put hours into your business and sowing seeds takes time. Sometimes the intial success isn’t what you’d expect. It’s not parking yourself by a palm tree with a cocktail by the pool and waiting for the money to just roll in off the tree. It does take actual work and time! In the age of pressing a button to order everything from your laundry service to coffee to a hotel room to reap immediate results, patience is not an easy pill to swallow.

But think about it: Are you getting to write off anything on your yearly taxes for washing your face? Does your face wash, toner, night cream, SPF sunscreen, lip protection, or body lotion allow you to partner with that brand to turn any kind of profit? Yeah, mine didn’t use to, either. Plus, this stuff really works! I used to use ProActiv as a teenager. Imagine if ProActiv (same doctors who started Rodan + Fields, by the way) was giving you a chance to partner with Dr. Rodan & Dr. Fields to market their products and get into business with them! Wouldn’t you take that opportunity?


Proactiv is in over 180 countries. Rodan + Fields are currently in three: U.S., Canada, and Australia. That’s it! We are just getting started! Forbes magazine says something like, “There’s never a better opportunity to join a company when they are releasing new products and/or in the middle of a global expansion”. And boy, are we ever! We just released Active Hydration Body Replenish that helps give moisture to the whole body (people used to put our facial serum on their entire body, so this product launch was a no-brainer!)

Now for the deeper part: My “why” of what would make me do this when I’m already super busy (I plan on keeping a better tab on releasing timely blog posts, BTW). I may be only in my 30s, but I do see the world changing like never before when it comes to business. I see companies paying their employees less money; but the cost of everything from gas to toilet paper to owning a home just keep on skyrocketing. Retirees can’t even go into retirement without worrying about how they will enjoy their so-called “golden years”. Companies downsize, go overseas, or close up shop altogether; leaving their employees out of a job. I don’t want to rely on an employer to support me forever. I want to have a backup plan. What if I have kids someday and choose to spend all my time with them instead of 40 hours a week at a job? For me, money from this business equals freedom and possibilities for me to do other things that I’m passionate about.


So then you think to yourself, “If I get kicked to the curb, I’ll just go into my own business venture”. Okay, but who is paying into your healthcare? Retirement? If you’re on your own, you have to pay double in taxes. You have to have some money in the bank to own a franchise or open up an office somewhere. For a very minimal startup cost, no overhead, no need to rent office space, no hassle with inventory, or incessant trips to the post office, Rodan + Fields takes care of all of it. And…you can work whenever and however much you want! Right now, I am trying to leverage my business, but I put in about 5 to 10 hours a week. I know folks who do this full time. You can do anything you want to with the business; and the sky is the limit. Hey – I’m just getting started!

I just hope this helps clear up some of the confusion. folks seem to have out there about the Company, and if it is indeed legit or a scam. My experience is exactly that – my experience – and I just wanted to share it to help others who might be questioning the opportunity. If you’re curious to know more, please comment below and I can certainly get back to you!