How i personally save over $1000 a year on facials, lash services & makeup

No thanks, I’ll put on my own mask…

This is my unique perspective – simply put…I don’t pay for these personal care services anymore and I know lots of people who aren’t either. I love saving money (duh). No, I’m not some weird hairy gorilla locked in my house during quarantine looking all messed up – you should know that about me by now! But in all seriousness…I hope everyone is staying safe and doing well during these crazy times. With so much anxiety that many of us have been feeling over the coronavirus, it’s so essential to be able to take care of yourself at home, at least one area where I can still have some control over my well-being – and to also be able to save money in the process.

I don’t buy expensive foundation anymore – I wear dermacosmetics. I much prefer to hand over the keys to my largest organ to dermatologists than makeup artists. I know that they have way more training and expertise as to what is actually helpful for my particular skin type versus a sales person from a department store or makeup counter. Would you make an appointment with a podiatrist to get a teeth cleaning? Yeah, me either.

Foundation just sits on my skin and makes it look dry and flaky (thanks also in part to Southern California dry summer weather). Makeup isn’t even that good for your skin – it no longer feels good either. I take my makeup off each night (if I actually wear any…it’s usually very minimal and even if I put on mascara I make sure to take it off that same evening)…your skin ages sooo quickly if you do not clean off the day’s makeup each and every night before bed. It’s a total no-no! Not that anyone is wearing much makeup these days anyway. I tell my business partners all the time that we must fix the foundation underneath our skin before we put anything on top – just like you wouldn’t be jumping at the opportunity to buy a house on a cliff that had close to no foundation. Oh, and be sure to change your pillowcase too, as slept-on pillowcases are often hotbeds for unexpected acne troubles.

I don’t get lashes – I just enhance the growth and length of my own. Unfortunately, due to this pandemic, getting to lash studio was never a priority. It still won’t be when this is all overwith because I work on my lashes and brows from home! I often hear my friends complain about missing the lash studio…girl I got you. And for all my fellow entrepreneurs smashing the lash game, no shade – we all have preferences and I respect your hustle. Actually, we should talk about multiple streams of income (MSI), but that’s a topic for another day.

I don’t book expensive facials that just don’t work or make any difference – I’m able to save time and money by doing all the pampering at home – and while it’s been a necessity to do this in California the last 10 weeks, I have sure appreciated it. From micro-needling to facial masks to using dermatologist-created tools to suck out and smooth over my pores, I’m able to bypass the expense that really adds up. Let’s face it, (ha – no pun intended), I was only able to go maybe 4x a year anyway if I was lucky. Plus it’s fun to experiment around with various products that don’t break the bank in the comfort of my own home and seeing results that really make a difference!

What are your go-to self-care products during this time? If you’re interested to learn more about the award winning products that I share openly with others, please take your free skincare quiz here.

Home is my happy zen place.

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