2020 Father’s Day Gift Guide: 3 gifts he’ll actually use for occasions this season

I still need to learn how to fish! #bucketlist

We are living during a period of time where now, more than ever, giving a gift to anyone seems impractical. I mean, most of the stores are still closed here in Southern California. Online shopping just isn’t the same as finding some things in person – but we have to make do.

So why even give anything? That choice is always up to you. It can seem hard to give the dad in your life anything other than love – and if that’s the case, then you should always also look to give something to yourself (life’s just too short)!

I too am giving back in the month of June: 10% of my online business profits will be matched & given to the ACLU. Consultation for this gift guide was provided by none other than the hubby on this one, because I’m not authorized to just give my opinion!

Either way, you’re going to be outside at some point during these summer months, so I’ve put together a gift guide that will be practical for all the activities you and/or your guy may be engaging in this season:


My dad was not keen on tools, but my hubby sure is! Anyone else feel like passing out when in Lowe’s from tool overload? I know I almost did yesterday. Funny enough, that reaction doesn’t happen when I’m shopping for clothes…

He even jokes about using a sandblaster on his face as a tool (gawk! Not a good look.)

I have one solution waaay better than a sandblaster for your face (bless him haha!), though: behold the Pore Cleansing MD System. Note that this tool cautions that it is not meant for use on current acne lesions or for use on sensitive skin.

Did you know that you have over 10,000 pores on your face? Yeah, me either.

This gadget helps with clogged pores, blackheads, enlarged pores, rough skin texture, oily skin, and breakouts.


Viewing the possibilities.

A new fact I learned this week: 90% of your aging is due to the sun and therefore is preventable! Some guys are like, “Who cares?” Well…you should! Your skin is the largest organ of your entire body. Treat it well.

Whatever your guy is into, whether it be tennis, swimming, hiking, golfing, fishing, or packing a picnic and/or going sightseeing – if it takes place outside, he better be protected no matter the weather forecast (and the best part is, you can have some too!)

There are face formula regimen-specific sunscreens that we offer (take your quiz here or ask him the questions) as well as our new formulation that comes with SPF 50 and is super lightweight. And, right now, you can even get it for free in our latest promotion!

Rest & rejuvenate

A moment of solitutde.

No more fading tattoos or pedicure-starved heels with this amazing solution!

Contrary to stereotypical beliefs, I’ve come to find that guys love being pampered too (although they may deny they do or at the very least, not put it in quite those words).

One of my colleagues shared it’s what got him hooked on the so-called “skin crack” – and guess what? You can share it since it comes in a handy tub! It will be sure to last you awhile (mine is still going strong since December 2019!) and helps with dullness, uneven skin tone, dryness, flakiness, and oily skin.

Guys I consulted with for this article also appreciate a nice relaxing DIY massage or facial to show them you care if you still can’t get to a spa these days. Ultimately, it’s the thought that counts. But a little pick-me-up never hurt anyone. Be well!

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